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2016 Mormon Lit Blitz: The Longlist

We had an excellent batch of submissions this year, and the entire judging team read the entries over the past four days. Due to the quality of entries, we’re not quite down to the promised twelve finalists, but after much discussion, we have narrowed it down to a longlist of twenty. By Monday we will make our decision and announce the finalists. The twelve finalists will then be published on this blog from May 23rd to June 4th.

Meanwhile, we’d like to offer congratulations to the twenty pieces (and their authors) on the longlist:

“Barefoot” by Robbie Taggart “Branch 9 ¾” by Kaki Olsen “Foolish and Wise” by Lisa Barker “Fresh Courage Take” by Bradeigh Godfrey “From the East” by Merrijane Rice “Geirfinnur Atlason” by Steven L. Peck “Ghost” by Merrijane Rice “Golden Contact” by Lee Allred “Holey Chairs” by Jenny Rabe “Last Defiance of a Reluctant Church Goer” by James D. Beers “Last Tuesday” by William Morris “Leaving Egypt” by Tyler Chadwick “Pacific: Mateu Matem” by Tyler Chadwick “Requiem for Those People Who Lived Briefly in Your Ward” by Rose Green “Rumors of Wars” by Zachary Lunn “The Back Row” by Kelli Swofford Nielsen “The Bride and the Rice Stone Way” by Mark Penny “The Gift of Tongues“ by Annaliese Lemmon “The Hoofer” by Scott Hales “The Progress of a Miracle” by Emily Harris Adams

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