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Mormon Lit Blitz Contest Semi-Finalists (part four of four)

Out of 200 submissions, a panel of judges has selected 32 semi-finalists. Out of these 32, twelve will be selected to compete in the final round for audience votes and the prize Kindle.

Today, we announced the last eight semi-finalists on Facebook and Twitter. As a recap, here they are:


“The Hearts of the Fathers” “My dad thinks he only taught me one thing growing up. Every chance he got he would remind us, ‘Kids, never fight a monkey.’”


“Holding My Grandchild, Come to Land this Morning” Of gravity, air, earth, and the startling newness of life outside the womb.

“Jars” Tribute to a vanishing tradition and the women who sustained it for so long.

“Gyroscope” Thoughts on the quiet dance between freedom and faith.


“The Shattered Backboard” How an elder in the Bucharest district got drafted to play one game for Club Dinamo.

“Frank’s Leap” A leap of faith has landed Frank in an impossible decision.

“Flowers from Alan” “Miracles. Maria thought they’d be cool, until one happened to her.”

“The Road Not Taken” What regrets would you have if you could see the path you didn’t take?

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