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The Mormon Lit Lab is a nonprofit organization established to promote the production of Mormon literature through contests, workshops, and publications. It is supported by volunteer service and the generous contributions of Patreon supporters.

the Mormon Lit Blitz

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The Mormon Lit Blitz is the world's premier contest for Mormon microliterature. Since January 2012, the Mormon Lit Blitz has been celebrating short works of Mormon literature by featuring twelve finalists during our annual contests, plus additional stories in themed specialty contests. The Mormon Lit Blitz has published more than a hundred unique works of Mormon microliterature—short essays, stories, and poetry that stretch our sense of what literature can accomplish in a community of faith. Readers can follow the contest on

Book Mentoring Program


The Mormon Lit Lab's Book Mentoring Program helps winners of the Lit Blitz take the next step in their writing journey. Our volunteer team provides authors with expertise in writing, editing, publishing, and advertising through monthly classes and personal consultations. We also aim to raise a $1,000 to $2,000 budget in support of each project. Even a small budget can help make someone’s dream project a reality.

Mormon Lit Lab Board

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James Goldberg


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Nicole Wilkes Goldberg


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Merrijane Rice


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Kathy Cowley

Board Member

Cece Proffit.jpg

Cece Proffit

Board Member

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Liz Busby

Board Member

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