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Mormon Lit Blitz

the world's premier contest for Mormon microliterature

Image by Jonatan Pie

13th Annual
Mormon Lit Blitz

May 6-18, 2024

Call for Submissions

Hand Writing

13th Annual
Mormon Lit Blitz

Submission Deadline: 31 March 2024

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cover for Mormon Lit Blitz Anthology: Volume 1

Mormon Lit Blitz Anthology: Volume 1

The First Five Years 2012 to 2016

cover for Mormon Lit Blitz Anthology: Volume 2

Mormon Lit Blitz Anthology: Volume 2

The Next Five Years 2017 to 2021

Past Contest Finalists

12th Annual  Lit Blitz (2023)

Nexus of Everything” by Merrijane Rice

Refried Dreams” by Cristie Cowles Charles

Second Coming” by Michael Hicks

This Time and This Season” by Chanel Earl

The Pear Tree” by Stan Absher

A Young Mother’s Sacrament” by Emily Harris Adams

Earthworm Lore” by Stan Absher

Creature from the Back Lagoon” by Lee Allred

Antelife” by Dan Mabee

The Cost” by Liz Busby

Future Genealogists” by Madison Beckstrand

Nine Sunsets” by Chanel Earl

Around the World in Mormon Lit (2023)

A Espera” (The Waiting) by Suzana Mcauchar

"Os Cinco Anjos do Éden" (The Five Angels of Eden) by Claudio Antão Ribeiro de Oliveira

Auxese” (An Exercise in Hyperbole) by Ana Claudia de Souza de Oliveira

Além da Visão” (Beyond the Vision) by Edgar Farinon

Conversion Story” by Inari Porka

Muling Pagkabuhay” (He is Risen) by Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta

Calma dominical” (Sunday Calm) by Débora Loiza

"Romance de Abinadí" (Ballad of Abinadi) by Mario R. Montani

De amor y de piedras” (Of Love and Stones) by Maximiliano Martínez

Galletas de avena” (Oatmeal Cookies) by Ana Ruth Enriques

"おじいさんのもの" (Grandpa's Member) by Tokuzawa Aiko

Thy Name Shall No More Be” by Whitney Hemsath

11th Annual Lit Blitz (2022)

Tower of Babel” by Darlene Young

Chickens without End” by Julia Jeffrey

2 Coats” by Jared Forsyth

Through a Glass” by Alixa Brobbey

Blood in the Garden” by Whitney Hemsath

Cristo en el huerto de Getsemaní” by Gabriel González Núñez

Grafted Branches” by Jeanine Bee

The Fourth Ward Filibuster” by Kevin Klein

Every Member a Missionary” by Selina Forsyth

O Caixão de Nhô Jon Anton” by César Augusto Medina Fortes

O Homem e a Terra” by Siviano Stalon Fortes

Leah at the Edges” by Merrijane Rice

Saints, Spells, and Spaceships (Speculative Fiction Contest, 2021)

“What Have You Against Being Baptized” by W. O. Hemsath
“The Gift of Undoing” by Katherine Cowley
“The Apocalypse of Kemet III” by Hillary Stirling
“Ministering Blood Brother” by Terrance V. McArthur
“Remote Control Mama” by Becca Birkin
“There Is No Release” by Jonathan Olfert
“Aboard the Nursery Barge” by Sarah Chow
“Gleaners” by James Goldberg
“The 37th Ward Relief Society Leftovers Exchange” by Liz Busby
“The Other Commander” by W. O. Hemsath
“Hie to Kolob” by Emily Harris Adams
“The Gift to Be Healed” by Annaliese Lemmon

10th Annual Lit Blitz (2021)

116 Pages” by Merrijane Rice
Unfit Mother of the Year” by Susan Law Corpany
Final Exam” by Jared Forsyth
Reformed Egyptian” by Lee Allred
Oh, a Dove” by Aiko Tokuzawa
We Must Overcome” by Jonathon Penny
The Lord’s Multiform Prayer” by Gabriel González Núñez
Not of Necessity” by Jeanine Bee
Golden Plate Controversy Erupts with ‘Mormon Storm’” by Devin Galloway
Weight of Souls” by Selina Forsyth
Sacrament in Solitude” by Marianne Hales Harding
Perspective” by Jonathon Penny

9th Annual Lit Blitz (2020)

Resurrection by Easter 2020” by Selina Forsyth
Perfection is a Fullness” by Jeanine Bee
Orpheus Sings to Mary and Martha” by Emily Harris Adams
Family Tree” by Merrijane Rice
Three Generations of Sonder” by Chanel Earl
Airplanes that Crashed: A Book of Mormon Coloring Book” by Jared Forsyth
Final Report” by Mattathias Westwood
Portal Friends” by Annaliese Lemmon
Part Heaven” by Madison Beckstrand
O Nosso Cão Stromberg” (“Our Dog Stromberg“) by César Augusto Medina Fortes
In the Locker Room at the Temple” by Darlene Young
Brother and Sister” by Scott Hales

8th Annual Lit Blitz (2019)

“Paradisiacal Glory” by Katherine Cowley
“Before the Healing” by Merrijane Rice
“How Do We Make Sense of What Will Be When We Hold Remnants of What Once Was?” by Steven Peck
“Separation” by Mark Penny
“Un dios en quien confiar” (in Spanish and in English translation) by Gabriel González Núñez
“The Casting Out of Spirits” by Jeanine Bee
“The Seven Deadly Housewarmers” by Emily Harris Adams
“The Investigator” by Jeanine Bee
“The Hills of Heaven” by Scott Hales
“As minhas férias na ilha de Santo Antão” (in Portuguese and in English translation) by César Augusto Medina Fortes
“Remnant” by Sarah Dunster
“Low Tide” by Merrijane Rice

Around the World Contest (2019)

Spanish finalists:

Documentary Appendix 1” (“Anexo documental I”) by Gabriel González Núñez

TIME a particle” (“TIEMPO una partícula”) by Citlalli H. Xochitiotzin

The Wall of Time” (“La Muralla del Tiempo”) by Camila Andrea Fernández

Portuguese finalists:

A Sunday at Laginha” (“Um Domingo na Laginha”) by César Augusto Medina Fortes

The Secret Friend” (“O Amigo Secreto”) by Amanda Araújo de Castro

Two Missions” (“Duas Missões”) by Andreza Castro

English finalists:

Tatau” by Lehua Parker

Victor” by David Hurtado

Estonian finalist:

“The Journey” and “Lucifer’s Monologue” (“LÄHEME RÄNDAMA” and “LUTSIFERI  MONOLOOG”) by Aivar Lembit

Tagalog finalist:

“Shaken” by Jhasmin De Castro (read in English; read in Tagalog)

Japanese finalists:

The Creation Workshop” (創造教室) by Mitsushige Takaki (高木光茂)

The Sound of Water” (「 水音」) by Aiko Tokuzawa (徳沢愛子)

7th Annual Lit Blitz (2018)

Three Dogs in the Afterlife by Luisa Perkins
Scrubbing Jesus’ Toilets” by Lehua Parker
A Perfect Voice” by Katherine Cowley
New Rhythm” by Tanya Hanamaikai
Counsel” by Faith Kershisnik
After the Fast” by Wm Morris
Beneath the Visiting Moon” by Lee Allred
Still Clean” by Sherry Work
Proof That Sister Greeley Is a Witch (Even Though Mormons Don’t Believe in Witches)” by Wm Morris
The Last Swing” by Sheldon Lawrence
Joseph and Emma Grow Old Together” by Eric Jepson
Missionary Weekly Report for 28 March-3 April, Mumbai 1st Branch” by Mattathias Westwood

6th Annual Lit Blitz (2017)

Celestial Accounting” by Katherine Cowley
Sonata in Three Movements” by Jeanine Bee
Germination” by Sarah Dunster
Pride” by Hillary Stirling
Spurious Revelations” by Niklas Hietala
On the Death of a Child” by Merrijane Rice

Worthy World” Tanya Hanamaikai
There Wrestled a Man in Parowan” by Wm Morris
Valley 176th Ward” by Eliza Porter
Walking Among the Legend People” by Marianne Hales Harding
Daughters of Ishmael” by Annaliese Lemmon
Forty Years” by Jeanna Mason Stay

4th Annual Lit Blitz (2015)

Angry Sunbeam” by Eric Jepson
Best Wedding Advice Ever” by Heather Young
Three Meditations on Fatherhood” by Tyler Chadwick
Child Star” by Scott Hales
Faded Garden” by Emily Harris Adams
The Five Year Journal” by Katherine Cowley

Disability, Death, or Other Circumstance” by Annaliese Lemmon
The Joys of Onsite Apartment Building Management” by William Morris

Echo of Boy” by Darlene Young
Decorating Someone Else’s Service” by Lehua Parker
Should Have Prayed for a Canoe” by Julia Jeffery
Mother” by Merrijane Rice

Meeting of the Myths (mixed mythology, 2014)

Spring Hill” by Luisa Perkins
A Voice Not Crying in the Wilderness” by Jonathon Penny
The Trail” by Stephen Carter
Where Nothing Lives But Crosses” by Lee Allred
Harmony’s Victory” by Hillary Stirling
Eyelight” by Mark Penny
Daughter of a Boto” by Katherine Cowley

3rd Annual Lit Blitz (2014)

“20/20” by Lindsay Denton
“The Primary Temple Trip” by Laura Hilton Craner
“In Remembrance” by Merrijane Rice
“Curelom Riders” by Annaliese Lemmon
“Slippery” by Stephen Carter
“In a Nutshell” by Doug Staker
“And Through the Woods” by Jennifer Eichelberger
“Thick and Thin” by Vilo Westwood
“Platinum Tears” by Marianne Hales Harding
“Sugar Free” by Emily Debenham
“Living Scriptures” by Scott Hales
“Yahweh: Prologue to the Temple” by Jonathon Penny

2nd Annual Lit Blitz (2013)

"Actionable Intelligence" by Jonathon Penny
"Regimen" by Scott Hales
"Celestial Terms" by Sarah Dunster
"The Accidental Jaywalker" by Ben Crowder
"Dumb Idols" by Hillary Stirling
"Sister" by Merrijane Rice
"Kayden Abernathy's Journal Page 35-37, Partially Recovered from the House Fire 6/21/2013" by Steven Peck
"Natural Coloring" by Marianne Hales Harding
"Birthright" by Emily Harris Adams
"In Which Eve Names Everything Else" by Katherine Cowley
"When I Rise" by Kimberly Hartvigsen

Four Centuries of Mormon Stories (2012)

19th Century:

"Little Karl" by Melissa Leilani Larson

"Ruby's Gift" by Emily Debenham

"Numbers" by Melody Burris

20th Century:

"Maurine Whipple, Age Sixteen, Takes a Train North" by Theric Jepson

"When the Bishop Started Killing Dogs" by Steven Peck

"Something Practical" by Melody Burris

21st Century:

"The ReActivator" by Wm Morris

"Oaxaca" by Anneke Garcia

"The Defection of Baby Mixo" by Mark Penny

22nd Century:

"Release" by Wm Morris

"Avek, Who Is Distributed" by Steven Peck

"Waiting" by Katherine Cowley

Submission Guidelines

These guidelines apply generally to all of our contests. Please also check the specific guidelines for the contest you are submitting to, especially for themed contests as they may have slightly different word count limits and content requirements. Contest specific guidelines can generally be found at on the news post for the contest.


  • The Mormon Lit Blitz is a contest for stories, essays, and poems about Latter-day Saints’ lives, beliefs, and interests. Some past winners talk about Latter-day Saints characters, scriptures, or history. Others explore themes like family, choices, or death in ways that might interest Latter-day Saint readers. The best way to figure out if your piece is a fit for the contest is to read previous finalists online and in our anthologies.

  • Submitted works may be in any genre so long as they are under 1,000 words and designed to resonate in some way with a Latter-day Saint audience.  

  • Submissions may be written in any language. If they wish, writers may submit their own translations of their story into English, or permit our volunteer judges and translators to evaluate and translate their story.

  • Previously published material and simultaneous submissions are acceptable.

  • Up to three submissions are allowed per author.


  • No use of author name on the document itself

  • Preferably a Word document or PDF

  • Spacing and font: preferred Garamond or Times, 12pt, 1.5-inch spacing, but anything reasonably readable will be accepted

  • Include the story title in the file name

  • Send up to three entries to, with files attached. Include the author’s contact info in the body of the email BUT NOT in the attached stories.


  • By submitting, authors give us the nonexclusive right to publish their work online, as part of an audio podcast, and in a future print anthology. Authors will receive a free copy of the anthology in which their work appears. 

  • We accept previously published material.

  • Authors remain free to republish their work in their own collections or anywhere else they choose.

How to submit

  • Send up to three entries to, with files attached. Include the author’s contact info in the body of the email BUT NOT in the attached stories.

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