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Mormon Lit Blitz Anthology: Volume 2

The Next Five Years 2017 to 2021

Mormon Lit Blitz

Mormon Lit Blitz Anthology: Volume 2

Since its founding in 2012, the Mormon Lit Blitz has been a gathering place for writers and readers interested in Latter-day Saint experience. The rules are simple: each year, writers get no more than 1,000 words to create a very short story, essay, poem, or other text that resonates with Latter-day Saint audiences in some way. Judges choose finalists that showcase (and sometimes stretch) the possibilities of Mormon literature. Audiences cast votes to crown a winner. This second volume gathers over eighty stories, poems, and essays, including pieces first written in Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Japanese, and Estonian. At turns raw and refined, miraculous and mundane, witty and wise, these pieces are the perfect sampler plate for anyone interested in Mormon literature.

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