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“The Pear Tree” by Stan Absher

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

The Pear Tree

Pity there was no ceremony for the lobe of lung they took the teeth all pulled, the hip replaced the colon halved by increments the ulcer cut from his foot no ceremony for any of them. Before the last ride to the ER on the day he is losing his home let us praise the missing pieces curse the cocaine kicked too late the diabetes, the cigarettes never kicked praise the surgeon who said you ought to have died many times by now a saying he wears like a medal and perhaps that’s the missing ceremony for the missing parts. They ought to have killed him, one of the many heart attacks ought to have killed him and something will, as it will me and you dear reader, without ceremony like the man I saw once who climbed to the top of a Bradford pear and cut it down limb by limb as he descended. I was glad to see it gone but a little shocked at how casually it came down first tree then stump then level ground.

This piece was published in 2023 as part of the 12th Annual Mormon Lit Blitz by the Mormon Lit Lab. Sign up for our newsletter for future updates.

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