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12th Annual Mormon Lit Blitz: Longlist

Thank you to everyone who submitted to this year’s Mormon Lit Blitz!

After our initial review of these pieces, we’re excited to share our long list of twenty-four semi-finalist pieces (listed alphabetically by author’s last name):

“The Pear Tree” Stan Absher

“Earthworm Lore” Stan Absher

“A Young Mother’s Sacrament” Emily Harris Adams

“Missouri Saints” Emily Harris Adams

“Creature from the Back Lagoon” Lee Allred

“Future Genealogists” Madison Beckstrand

“The Cost” Liz Busby

“Refried Dreams” Cristie Cowles Charles

“Double Dactyls” D.A. Cooper

“Nine Sunsets” Chanel Earl

“This time and this season” Chanel Earl

“Resolution” Selina Forsyth

“Second Coming” Michael Hicks

“Psalm” Michael Hicks

“Antelife” Dan Mabee

“No Stone” Timothy Merrill

“My Pondering Heart” William Morris

“Today My Son Is Getting Married” Heidi Naylor

“Cupcake Night at Young Women’s” Heidi Naylor

“O sabao del Salvador” Claudio Antão Ribeiro de Oliveira

“Nexus of Everything” Merrijane Rice

“Analog” Merrijane Rice

“Joanna Imagines the Sower” Robbie Taggart

“The Patience of a Prophetess” Robbie Taggart

We will announce the twelve finalists next Monday (September 18). The finalists will then be published (including an audio version!) one per day, from October 23 to November 4, with voting taking place afterward.

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