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2014 Mormon Lit Blitz Longlist

After a very strong response to our call for submissions, we have narrowed the field to a longlist of twenty-four pieces. By the end of this week, we will narrow this list to a shortlist of twelve finalists, to be published June 16-June 28 on this blog.

Congratulations to our semi-finalists:

“20/20” by Lindsay Denton “70 times 7: a Therapy Session in Free Verse” by Kathryn Olsen “The Book of Laman” by Mark Penny “The Darkest Abyss in America” by Wm Morris “The Choice Was Mine” by Eugenie C. Stoll “Curelom Riders” by Annaliese Lemmon “Every Member” by Terrance V. Mc Arthur “Forgotten Zero” by Steven Peck “Four Visitors” by Niklas Hietala “In a Nutshell” by Doug Staker “In Remembrance” by Merrijane Rice “A Joy and a Chore” by Megan Goates “A Laurel’s First-Night Fantasies” by Theric Jepson “Living Scriptures” by Scott Hales “Ministry” by Jeanine Bee “Platinum Tears” by Marianne Hales Harding “The Primary Temple Trip” by Laura Hilton Craner “Riffs on Korihor’s Testimony” by Michael Andrew Ellis “Slippery” by Stephen Carter “Sugar Free” by Emily Debenham “Thick and Thin” by Vilo Westwood “Three Wishes” by Katherine Cowley “And Through the Woods” by Jen Eichelberger “Yahweh: Prologue to the Temple” by Jonathon Penny

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