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2020 Mormon Lit Blitz Voting

Voting Instructions

Time to vote in the 2020 Mormon Lit Blitz!

To vote, take a look at each of the twelve (very short) finalists and rank your top four in the form below by the end of the day on Saturday, June 26th. You must enter four ranked favorites in order to submit a vote. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, June 29th.

The finalists are:

Resurrection by Easter 2020” by Selina Forsyth Perfection is a Fullness” by Jeanine Bee Orpheus Sings to Mary and Martha” by Emily Harris Adams Family Tree” by Merrijane Rice Three Generations of Sonder” by Chanel Earl Airplanes that Crashed: A Book of Mormon Coloring Book” by Jared Forsyth Final Report” by Mattathias Westwood Portal Friends” by Annaliese Lemmon Part Heaven” by Madison Beckstrand O Nosso Cão Stromberg” (“Our Dog Stromberg“) by César Augusto Medina Fortes In the Locker Room at the Temple” by Darlene Young Brother and Sister” by Scott Hales

While you’re here, you might be interested in some updates:

Palabras de Mormon Contest Winners

This year, we also supported the Cofradía de Letras Mormonas in running a Spanish-language contest for Mormon Literature. Winners will appear in the July issue of their periodical, El Pregonero de Deseret. English translations of the top three pieces will be published on this website in August.

Mormon Lit Blitz Anthology

Thanks to encouragement from our patrons, we’ve also been working on a print and ebook anthology of finalists from the Mormon Lit Blitz and related contests (Four Centuries of Mormon Stories, Meeting of the Myths) from the contest’s first five years. We anticipate launching a Kickstarter later this summer as we prepare for print. Stay tuned for details.

New Program for Alumni

Finally, we’ve been working on a program to support past Mormon Lit Blitz finalist writers who are interested in developing a book-length work for publication. Details are forthcoming, but if you’ve been a finalist in any of our contests, this is advance notice that we’ll be inviting people to submit book proposals this fall.

Congratulations once again to all this year’s finalists. If you’re interested in additional updates, you can follow us on Facebook or sign up for our email list.

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