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2024 Mormon Lit Blitz Long List

Long List for 2024 Mormon Lit Blitz

“Abrahamic Sacrifice” by Annaliese Lemmon

“Advice to a Young Mormon Poet" by Scott Hales

“Aquele Beijo” by Ana Claudia Soli

“Building an Ark” by Merrijane Rice

“Bundling Up” by Lara Niedermeyer

“Chronicles of the Angel's Embrace” by Chanel Earl  

“Collapse” by Greg Brooks

“Daily Initiations” by Isaac Richards “Deconstructing a Temple” by Marianne Hales

“El Don” by R de la Lanza  “Fields of Ashphodel” by Timothy Merrill 

“Happy Enough” by Amanda Erdmann

“His Mother Knew It” by Sarah Chow

“I Call It Home” by Kaden Nelson

“Laban's Funeral” by Chris Bissett

“Marriage” by Michael Hicks

“Micro Relatos Mormones: Noche en Judea/La Esfera/E Pluribus Unum” by Mario Montani

“On Sitting with Granddad” by Sarah Fitzhugh

“Parable of the 10 Virgins” by Michelle Graabek “Sacred Grove, Shadowed Grove” by Adam McLain

“Take Off Your Shoes and Stand on Holy Ground” by Lori Steadman

“Things Which Are Not of Worth” by Jeanine Bee

“This Is the Dream I Had” by Eric Jepson 

“Vancouver Island Interior” by Jonathon Penny Thank you to all who submitted your work! Our twelve finalists will be announced on April 22. Be sure to follow along, read the pieces, and vote for your favorites!

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