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Another Testament

“Another Testament” by Emily Harris Adams was originally published online at Everyday Mormon Writer.

Art by Nick Stephens, "The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever"

They say salvation is recorded in your hands, Pressed deep into your palms and wrists: Engraved, torn, drilled,


Of course, Born so far away from Israel, So long past the time of your birth, I can’t imagine where your hands would be now. All my life I have searched for a witness as permanent, As undying as your engraved hands.

Pressed deep into something enduring, As solid and immortal as your elusive wrists. Torn into something that doesn’t perish like paper, As eternal as the saving grace you promised. Drilled into granite or gold, As priceless as the sacrifice of a God.


In some record; no matter where hidden, No matter where found.

About the Author: Emily Harris Adams loves playing with words. Sometimes her word games form poems such as “Empty Linen” published in The New Era, quoted in April 2011 Conference and “Second Coming” the fifth place winner of the Mormon Lit Blitz. Emily’s husband, Trent, is her best friend and most devoted editor. You can visit her at*

*Author information as of the publication of this story.

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