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“Building an Ark” by Merrijane Rice

Building an Ark

I’ve hammered planks together more or less

according to instructions from the Lord,

and stretched to meet my cubits, I confess,

by asking Him to multiply the boards.

Three stories are complete within my hull,

chock-full of needful things in careful stacks.

I’ve pitched both in and out my mortal soul

to keep the world from leaking through the cracks.

I’ve set a single window at the top

so I can let in light as need may be,

and cut a door so I can open up

to gather all my dear ones near to me.

I’ve kept all God’s commands as understood,

so surely He won’t need to send the flood.

This piece was published in 2024 as part of the 13th Annual Mormon Lit Blitz by the Mormon Lit Lab. Sign up for our newsletter for future updates.

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