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Happy New Year 2016!

Hope everyone had a great 2015 holiday season. Now it’s time to achieve as many of those resolutions as we can before the end of the first week of January, when our motivated idealism hits the wall of practical Reality. Only the most imaginative and persevering break through!

The administrators of this Mormon Lit website have set a New Year’s resolution to repost content that was saved from the remains of the Everyday Mormon Writer website, which was irreparably compromised by malware. The salvaged content includes the finalist entries of the Four Centuries of Mormon Stories contest, Mormon Lit Blitz entries from contests past, and other pieces of interest originally posted on Everyday Mormon Writer. We have Brother and Sister Beth Buck to thank for saving this content.

Accordingly, we will post this content once or twice a week until we have finished posting all of it again. A big thanks to Ben Crowder for hosting us and keeping our content protected.

As for me, my name is Michael Ellis. James Goldberg asked for volunteers to help post this content. I accepted, along with Mattathias Westwood. We’re happy to help support the Mormon Lit community and promote its work.

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