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Mormon Lit Blitz 2022 Finalists

From 30 May through 11 June, we’ll post the finalists in this year’s Mormon Lit Blitz here on Join us for a daily poem, essay, or short story and vote for your favorites at the end.

Here are the twelve pieces you can look forward to:

30 May: Darlene Young, “Tower of Babel” 31 May: Julia Jeffrey, “Chickens without End” 1 June: Jared Forsyth, “2 Coats” 2 June: Alixa Brobbey, “Through a Glass” 3 June: Whitney Hemsath, “Blood in the Garden” 4 June: Gabriel González Núñez, “Cristo en el huerto de Getsemaní” 

6 June: Jeanine Bee, “Grafted Branches” 7 June: Kevin Klein, “The Fourth Ward Filibuster” 8 June: Selina Forsyth, “Every Member a Missionary” 9 June: Cesar Fortes, “O Caixão de Nhô Jon Anton” 10 June: Siviano Stalon Fortes, “O Homem e a Terra” 11 June: Merrijane Rice, “Leah at the Edges”

Congratulations to the finalists! We are thankful for what you do each year to engage our imaginations and widen our sense of what is possible in Mormon Literature.

Following this Lit Blitz, our next contest will be a focused effort this fall to bring together writers working in many languages. If you are comfortable in more than one language and would like to help read submissions, translate finalists, or spread the word, please volunteer through this form.

Note: the initial published schedule listed Alixa Brobbey’s “Through a Glass” on 10 June and Siviano Stalon Fortes’ “O Homem e a Terra” on 2 June. The dates have been changed.

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