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Saints, Spells, and Spaceships Voting Instructions

We’ve come to the end of the Saints, Spells, and Spaceships contest entries. We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through LDS speculative fiction. We hope it has made you laugh, cry, and think. We hope something has touched you and will stay in your heart. We’re still talking about the pieces over at our Facebook page, if you want to get in on the discussion.

But now it’s time to pick your favorite stories and vote for them. You’ve got one week, so get your votes in now!

Voting Instructions

As per tradition, the audience chooses our winner. To vote, read through the pieces and choose your favorite four. Then cast your vote here.

The finalists are: “What Have You Against Being Baptized” by W. O. Hemsath “The Gift of Undoing” by Katherine Cowley “The Apocalypse of Kemet III” by Hillary Stirling “Ministering Blood Brother” by Terrance V. McArthur “Remote Control Mama” by Becca Birkin “There Is No Release” by Jonathan Olfert “Aboard the Nursery Barge” by Sarah Chow “Gleaners” by James Goldberg “The 37th Ward Relief Society Leftovers Exchange” by Liz Busby “The Other Commander” by W. O. Hemsath “Hie to Kolob” by Emily Harris Adams “The Gift to Be Healed” by Annaliese Lemmon

Voting is open from Monday, November 8th, until the end of the day on Saturday, November 13th. The winner of the $100 grand prize will be announced on Wednesday, November 17th. There will also be a guest judge prize awarded on the 17th.

Finally, a few reminders before you go:

Email List If you want to keep up to date on what the Mormon Lit Lab is doing, please subscribe to our email list. It’s a good way to hear about the next Mormon Lit Blitz, as well as receiving news about our anthologies and other projects.

Book Mentoring Project We love what people do with 1,500 words. If you enjoy the kind of literature you’ve read in the Mormon Lit Blitz, though, we hope you’ll also consider donating $5, $10, or $20 to support the eight authors currently in our book mentoring program.

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