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The Finalists for the Around the World in Mormon Lit Contest

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Around the World in Mormon Lit Contest! We received submissions in 6 different languages from 22 different countries and 6 continents/regions. Out of those submissions, we chose the top twelve, to be published April 15-27 here on The finalists will be published both in their original languages and in English.

The finalists are:

April 15th: “Documentary Appendix 1” (“Anexo documental I”) by Gabriel González Núñez Language: Spanish Setting: Paraná (imaginary country located in what is currently Southern Brazil, Northeastern Argentina, and Uruguay), South America

April 16th: “TIME a particle” (“TIEMPO una partícula”) by Citlalli H. Xochitiotzin Language: Spanish Setting: Israel, Middle East

April 17th: “The Wall of Time” (“La Muralla del Tiempo”) by Camila Andrea Fernández    Language: Spanish Setting: China, Asia

April 18th: “A Sunday at Laginha” (“Um Domingo na Laginha”) by César Augusto Medina Fortes Language: Portuguese Setting: Cape Verde, Africa

April 19th: “The Secret Friend” (“O Amigo Secreto”) by Amanda Araújo de Castro Language: Portuguese Setting: Brazil, South America

April 20th: “Two Missions” (“Duas Missões”) by Andreza Castro Language: Portuguese Setting: Japan, Asia, and the United States, North America

April 22nd: “Tatau” by Lehua Parker Language: English Setting: Samoa, Oceania

April 23rd: “Victor” by David Hurtado Language: English Setting: Peru, South America, and the United States, North America

April 24th: “Let’s Go on a Journey” and “Lucifer’s Monologue” (“LÄHEME RÄNDAMA” and “LUTSIFERI  MONOLOOG”) by Aivar Lembit Language: Estonian Setting: Estonia, Europe / worldwide

April 25th: “Shaken” by Jhasmin De Castro Language: Tagalog Setting: Philippines, Asia

April 26th: “The Creation Workshop” (創造教室) by Mitsushige Takaki (高木光茂) Language: Japanese Setting: The Workshop

April 27th: “The Sound of Water” (「 水音」) by Aiko Tokuzawa (徳沢愛子) Language: Japanese Setting: Japan, Asia

Links to contest pieces will also be posted on our Facebook page, Mormon Lit Blitz.

We also want to recognize some additional stories. The following will not be published as part of this contest, but we want to congratulate the authors:

Honorable Mentions:

  1. “Um Dom Angelical” by William Mercês Silva

  2. “Taiyang Mao – Sunhat” by Jennifer Quist

  3. “Memories Reviving from Afar” (彼方から蘇る記憶) by Kazutoshi Ono (小野和俊)

  4. “El Viaje” by Graciela Dantes Carrillo

  5. “Un dia de pesca” by Luis Jorge Verano

  6. “La Cicatriz” by Sergio Nieto

  7. “Milagros a Pedido” by Hercules Antonio Palermo

  8. “Contra Tiempo” by Gabriela Acosta Laurini

  9. “El Ladrón” by Leticia Teresa Pontoni

  10. “Un Día Después” by Rosa Maria Cantero

We hope you will join us April 15-27 to read the finalists and vote for your favorite.

Writers who are interested in submitting to another contest can submit to the Mormon Lit Blitz. For the Mormon Lit Blitz, send up to 3 short pieces no longer than 1,000 words to by 31 May 2019. We accept short stories, essays, poems, short plays, comics, or other creative writing that would interest Mormon readers in some way.

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