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"Three Mormon Microstories: Night in Judea/The Sphere/E Pluribus Unum" by Mario Montani

"Three Mormon Microstories: Night in Judea/The Sphere/E Pluribus Unum"

by Mario Montani

translated by Jessie Christensen

Night in Judea

The night was cool. Laban stumbled out of the inn. The abundant wine had been particularly strong. He groped blindly through one of Jerusalem’s alleys. Life was good. His treasury had just received an unexpected increase and was cared for by a faithful servant. Wow, he was really dizzy! His armor began to weigh him down. It would be better to take it off to rest for a moment. He would feel better soon…right now everything was spinning. Suddenly he felt like he was losing his head…

The Sphere

Nephi entered his father’s tent with his brand-new bow in hand. Of course it would not work as well as the broken one, but with a bit of practice and divine help, he could make up the difference. Lehi was not there. Nephi wanted to ask him to consult with the Lord about where he should go hunt. That was when he saw it… The finely worked brass sphere was sitting on a rug, covered with a linen cloth. His curiosity got the better of him. After all, he also knew some of the mysteries of God. Nephi took the cover off. The two needles moved, and a new word began to form…

Nephi left the tent visibly shaken and glancing back over his shoulder. Jehovah’s ways were exceptionally mysterious. The words were burned into his retinas and his mind. He would probably spend the rest of his days trying to understand them: “Recalculating…Recalculating”

E Pluribus Unum

Jared gathered his three brothers together on the beach. They could see the boats nearby, waiting to leave, while their family members carried their last few provisions on board.

“Mahonri, Morian, and Cumer,” he said, “Your help in providing light for the boats has been invaluable. Our descendants will forever remember you with respect and awe. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room on the plates to write down your names every time you have helped. However, in my mind, you have always acted as one.”

This piece was published in 2024 as part of the 13th Annual Mormon Lit Blitz by the Mormon Lit Lab. Sign up for our newsletter for future updates.

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