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“Walking Among the Legend People” by Marianne Hales Harding

In Bryce Canyon, nature’s flip book of erosion, Hoodoos crowd the amphitheater dripping sunset colors, waxing and waning (though truly always waning), Piute Legend People cycling through the life of a temporary rock feature (a scant 10,000 years).

The crowd of 7th graders pause their quick march long enough to find orange falcons and candy corn and chess sets crumbling around tenacious, vanilla-scented pines (true story—we checked). Peering at ever-changing faces through their own ever-changing faces. Children waxing into adulthood through the ruthless weathering that no rock or child can escape.

But waning too. Our scant 100 years more temporary than the smallest column. Our faces painted with our inevitable sunset. Our Legend People a breathtaking snapshot of one moment in the unflinching cycle of life.

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