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“Airplanes that Crashed: A Book of Mormon Coloring Book” by Jared Forsyth

While we did the best we could to recreate this finalist on our webpage, we lost some layout choices. We recommend downloading the original pdf for optimal viewing–or to print off and color!  


Lehi learned from God that the plane he was in was going to crash if they didn’t change the way they were flying, but the other passengers tried to kill him. (1 Nephi 1:13-20) 

Who else was on the plane? 

So Lehi and his family took their parachutes and jumped out. (1 Nephi 2:2-4)


King Noah took over from his father Zeniff, and was not a good pilot. He decided that making the cockpit comfortable was more important than keeping the plane from crashing. (Mosiah 11:2-14) 

Who got to sit in the comfy seats?

Abinadi tried to warn the people that the plane was going to crash, but they threw him out of the plane. (Mosiah 12:2-9)


The Jaredite pilots and copilots fought with each other a lot, and so their plane crashed. (Ether 7-10)

Where did they start? Who were the pilots?

After the crash, some explorers from Zeniff & Co. found the metal “black box” that recorded the Jaredites’ flight path and the reason they crashed. (Mosiah 8:7-9)


Because Noah was such a bad pilot, Mosiah decided they should have a new airplane with one head pilot and many lower pilots that could override the pilot if the plane was going to crash. It flew for a while, but eventually it also crashed. (Mosiah 29:17-25)

How did people decide where the plane went? What’s in the cargo bay?

Then Jesus came.


When Jesus came, he set up Zion Air, which operated without money and without price. Everyone shared what they had, and everyone had enough. There was no first class section. (4 Nephi 1:17)

After a while, people wanted money and prices again. They wanted a first class section. They didn’t want to share. They crashed the plane. (4 Nephi 1:24-26)


What airplane are you riding in? 

Where is it going? 

Who gets to be the pilot? 

Does everyone have snacks and meals?

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