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“Resurrection by Easter 2020” by Selina Forsyth

Our god has slept, though somewhat fitfully, for a few days. Maybe weeks. How we long for the promised return, preferably stronger than before.

But resurrections, we have learned, require a sacrifice. This time it is not heart nor spirit our god demands (we have already given these) but lungs – perhaps a million, perhaps two. The lungs of the aged, the hungry, the sick, the imprisoned – all probably strangers – and those who dare to care for them.

Though our god cannot offer itself for us, as we have heard some Gods do, it wins our devotion with this exalted vision: a zion society in which “every man prospers according to his genius, and every man conquers according to his strength.”

But if the lungs that Mammon requires end up being yours or mine, instead of our distant brother’s (we were never his keeper anyway) will we still say “all is well in zion, because zion prospereth”?

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