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Saints, Spells, and Spaceships Finalists

A message from our guest editor, Jeanna Mason Stay

Hands have been wrung, dithering has been ongoing (and ongoing and ongoing), stories have been shuffled and reshuffled, and finally we’re down to the finalists. It was such a hard decision, but I’m really looking forward to sharing these stories with you. Congratulations to all the finalists–and thank you to everyone who shared your talents by submitting to the contest!

The publishing schedule for the Saints, Spells, and Spaceships finalists is:

Oct 25: “What Have You Against Being Baptized” by Whitney Hemsath Oct 26: “The Gift of Undoing” by Katherine Cowley Oct 27: “The Apocalypse of Kemet III” by Hillary Stirling Oct 28: “Ministering Blood Brother” by Terrance V. McArthur Oct 29: “Remote Control Mama” by Rebecca Birkin Oct 30: “There Is No Release” by Jon Olfert

Nov 1: “Aboard the Nursery Barge” by Sarah Chow Nov 2: “Gleaners” by James Goldberg Nov 3: “The 37th Ward Relief Society Leftovers Exchange” by Liz Busby Nov 4: “The Other Commander” by Whitney Hemsath Nov 5: “Hie to Kolob” by Emily Adams Nov 6: “The Gift to Be Healed” by Annaliese Lemmon

We will be featuring the stories at and talking about them on the Mormon Lit Lab Facebook page. We’d love to have you join the conversation. Once all the stories have been posted, we’ll put up voting instructions and all our readers will get a chance to weigh in on their favorite stories.

-Jeanna Mason Stay

Love the Mormon Lit Blitz? This year, we’re working to give you more. Past contest finalists were invited to propose a book-length Mormon literature project they’ve been dreaming about. We selected eight to go through a mentoring program, helping give them encouragement and funding to finish a book. If it matters to you to have stories in our religious language, consider donating to support one of the projects. 

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